Enriching Education
in the Wyomissing Area School District

WAEF’s Annual Report: Providing Educational Opportunities for Every Student

October 27, 2016

The most important responsibility of the Wyomissing Area Education Foundation (WAEF) is the task of providing funding opportunities to enhance education for every student. It is not an easy task to meet fundraising goals that will have a profound effect on the education of every student. Many years ago, the WAEF Board of Directors determined that the most practical avenue for enriching education was through grant funding. Today, if a teacher has an innovative program or project idea, WAEF grants can provide program and project funding to turn the ‘idea into a reality’.

During the 2015-2016 school year, WAEF approved $56,339.75 in grants for projects and programs within all three school buildings. Also in 2016, 16 students were awarded $19,650.00 in scholarships for a combined grants and scholarships total of $75,989.75 to Wyomissing Area.

During the school year, WAEF also facilitated six fundraising events for Wyomissing residents, alumni, parents, students, teachers and staff.

Today, many non-profit donors want to know how their donations are spent, and just as importantly, the success of the program or project that is supported by the donations. WAEF has always maintained a commitment to grant funding that includes subsequent grant evaluations. Of top priority is having grant monies support sustainable projects and programs. For example, most grants provide benefits to many students every day. WAEF provides an Annual report, with grant descriptions listed on pages 4 and 5, to help you get to know us better. We want you to know that your donation is funding opportunities for all students.

Read our 2015-2016 Annual Report