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Original matching parameters below - Please see the update at the top of this page for the latest matching opportunity!



We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the swift response from supporters in our community, we have met the our matching goal set forth by Ann Cesarz White and Doug White, and their $25,000 gift is secured.  That news prompted founding board member John Rothenberger to desire to capture the moment and offer an additional matching opportunity.  


All additional gifts given to WAEF in support of the Annual Campaign (unrestricted fund) or the Foundation Sustainability Fund established by the Rothenbergers by December 31, 2020 will be matched according to the following guidelines, up to $25,000:


  • Gifts from $1 to $750 will be matched 1 to 1, doubling your gift’s impact.

  • Gifts above $750 will be matched 2 to 1!


This incredible pledge will further secure WAEF’s financial sustainability and provide the ability to continue to offer enhanced educational opportunities for students in the Wyomissing Area School District.  I urge you to consider helping WAEF reach this additional matching opportunity. 


Whether you have already given a gift this year or you are still considering making a contribution, please help us maximize this wonderful gift.  





In June 2020, founding Board member John Rothenberger and his wife, Gloria, gave $25,000 to WAEF to establish the Foundation Sustainability Fund and another $25,000 to establish the Wyomissing Scholarship Fund.  This unprecedented level of generosity to WAEF inspired long-time Board Treasurer, Ann Cesarz White, and her husband Doug White, to pledge up to $25,000 as a matching challenge to encourage more giving to WAEF.  


Because of generous donors like the Rothenbergers and the Whites, we are presenting this incredible opportunity for you to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!


All gifts given to WAEF by 12/31/2020 will be MATCHED dollar for dollar by Ann & Doug White, up to $25,000.  Ann and Doug’s gift will support the Foundation Sustainability Endowment Fund.  You may select that your gift supports either the Endowment Fund or the Annual Campaign.  


How will my donation be used if I select the “Endowment” option?  

Your donation will go into the John & Gloria Rothenberger Foundation Sustainability Endowment Fund. The purpose of this fund is to sustain the organization long-term.   The investment income will be used to support WAEF’s annual budget and may be used for operations, grants or the needs of the foundation. Each fiscal year, WAEF’s Finance Committee will work with our investment advisors to maximize invested funds and determine the payout rate into our budget for the year.  This invested fund will continuously generate dollars for our foundation’s budget in perpetuity.   

How will my donation be used if I select the “Annual Campaign” option?  An annual campaign is best described as a campaign conducted every year for the purpose of raising money to assist in paying a non-profit organization’s regular, ongoing expenses, including programs.   The annual campaign is usually an organization’s primary source of unrestricted contributed income and should be a mainstay of its fundraising efforts.  WAEF’s Finance Committee and Board of Directors will allocate any excess funds where the need is greatest.  


Because of supporters like you, WAEF has been able to provide a 25-year history of enhancing educational opportunities in the Wyomissing Area School District.  We understand that some of our supporters have been financially impacted by the recent pandemic and may be unable to give as in the past. If you have not been negatively affected, please consider continuing your support or increasing your giving this year.  We anticipate that this year will bring unique grant requests, and we want to be prepared to support the school district as much as we can.  


Thank you for making our work possible and for helping us to maximize this wonderful opportunity!

If you would like to participate in this matching opportunity, simply send your check or donate online by 12/31/2020, and Dr. and Mrs. White will MATCH your gift!  Please be sure to indicate whether you would like your gift to support our Annual Campaign or our Endowment.

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