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In 1994, Wyomissing resident and school board member, Ruthie Walker, attended a conference and learned about education foundations and how they could benefit public schools. Inspired, she returned to Wyomissing and formed a steering committee to talk about creating an education foundation in the community she loved. WAEF was formed in February 1995 as a non-profit organization. The founding trustees were Nancy Hemmerich, Barbara Homsher, Barbara Kline, Jeraldine Kozloff, Edward J. Kuhn Jr., Stephen Murray, John Rothenberger, Charles Sullivan, Charles Walker, Ruth Walker, and J. William Widing III. Jeri Kozloff volunteered as the first Executive Director of the organization in 1997 and served in that role until 2000. Please take a look at the history of WAEF in the timeline below!

Please enjoy a selection of photos from our archives!