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Google Expedition Kits Are Here!

Secured using funds raised at the Blue & White party last May, the Google Expeditions take students on immersive journeys both with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Google Expeditions VR can take students on hundreds of virtual reality trips without ever leaving the classroom. By simply looking through the viewer, students can swim beneath the ocean with sharks or experience the vastness of outer space.

Imagine staring into the mouth of a volcano or getting up close to a strand of DNA! Google Expeditions Kits use Google’s AR technology to place 3D objects in the classroom for students to observe. Students can walk around the objects, get up close to examine details, and step back to see the full picture. They enable teachers and students to bring abstract concepts and places to life. Teachers at all three schools have been trained on use of these high-tech devices, and our students are thrilled to be able to experience using them!