Enriching Education
in the Wyomissing Area School District

New @ WHEC…Fresh, Filtered Water Filling Stations and Re-usable Water Bottles to all Students and Staff

WAEF is pleased to present students and staff at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center with two water and filling stations and high-quality, re-usable water bottles.

The two “filling stations,” which were installed in early January, deliver better tasting and cleaner water. The filtration system encourages environmentally friendly practices among students and can even display real time data about how many disposable plastic bottles are being “saved” by opting to fill reusable bottles at the filling stations.

The stations are located outside the gymnasium and cafeteria.

Each student and staff of WHEC was gifted a stainless steel water bottle for their in-school use. A designated name area on the bottle will help keep track of the personal items.

We are happy our youngest students will stay better hydrated and benefit from filtered, fresh water every day!