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Tompkins VIST Bank supports WAEF with EITC donation!

WAEF extends our thanks to Tompkins VIST Bank for their 2019-2020 EITC donation! On October 23, 2019, Tompkins VIST presented their gift to WAEF at the Junior Senior High School.

Pictured here, left to right, are: Michael Herr, EVP managing Director – Tompkins Insurance; Bethany Emkey, WAEF Board Secretary; Corey Jones, Wyomissing Area JSHS Principal; Steve Brunner, Senior VP, Employee Benefits – Tompkins Insurance; Susan Belfer, VP & Business Development Officer – Tompkins VIST Bank; Molly McCullough Murrill, WAEF Executive Director; Jen Mangold, WASD Supervisor of Assessments & Instructional Interventions

WAEF is grateful for Tompkins’ continued support of the EITC Program since 2015! If you have questions about participating in the EITC program, please email mmurrill@wyoarea.org.