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Thank you to the 2021 Toast Platinum Sponsors!

Platinum Sponsor - L2I
Platinum Sponsor - ROG
Platinum Sponsor - Savage Auto Group
Platinum Sponsor - UGI

Thank you to the 2021 Toast Gold Sponsors!

Gold Sponsor - Green Giant Home & Commercial
Gold Sponsor - Catharine & Ted Lentz
Gold Sponsor - Reinecker Dental Group
Gold Sponsor - Amy & Chris Rogers
Gold Sponsor - Kathleen & Eric Schippers
Gold Sponsor - Margy & Ed Trexler

Thank you to the 2021 Toast Silver Sponsors!

Silver Sponsor - Wendy & Brad Baker
Silver Sponsor - Baldwin Brass
Silver Sponsor - Berks Oral Surgery
Silver Sponsor - Elissa & Tim Keeler
Silver Sponsor - Kuhn Funeral Home, Inc.
Silver Sponsor - Chip Lontai
Silver Sponsor - Masano Bradley
Silver Sponsor - Kelli & Joey Maturi
Silver Sponsor - RPA Engineering
Silver Sponsor - Tompkins
Silver Sponsor - Ann & Doug White
Silver Sponsor - White Star Tours

Thank you to the 2021 Toast Bronze Sponsors!

Bronze Sponsor - Marisa Aikman
Bronze Sponsor - Becky & Jim Burton
Bronze Sponsor - Amy & Bill Combs
Bronze Sponsor - Green Valley Dental
Bronze Sponsor - Hollywood Cleaners
Bronze Sponsor - HVML
Bronze Sponsor - Sue, Nancy & Karen La Paro
Bronze Sponsor - Laure & Scott Zuidema
2021 WAEF Sponsorship Form Blue & White Online Auction
Thank you for supporting this year's event! There is still time to participate!  
If you would like to submit information via downloadable PDF and/or would like information about each sponsorship level, please click on the button above this form.  

Thank you so much for considering sponsorship support to WAEF’s 2021 Blue & White party.  After surveying our board as well as our planning committee, and after much deliberation, our board has voted to cancel this year’s in-person party and focus our fundraising efforts on an enhanced online auction event for this year.  We look forward to celebrating our teachers and staff at our 2022 events and are so grateful for the generosity of our supporters. 

The online auction will run from Monday, May 3rd to Saturday, May 8th 2021 and will include promotion of the event and our sponsors in the weeks leading up to the launch.  We intend to fulfill our commitment to our sponsors to promote your generosity via our online auction platform, social media channels, e-newsletters, and website in addition to publication in our Annual Report in the fall.  Your support means more now than ever.


Your sponsorship payment normally includes tickets to the events.  While we are unable to provide that benefit this spring, the full amount of your sponsorship will now be eligible as a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you for contributing to the 2021 Blue & White party and for helping us make a difference in Wyomissing!

This form will no longer accept submissions after 5/5/2021. Please email if you've received this message and would like to support WAEF's 2021 Blue & White party.

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