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Since its inception, the Wyomissing Area Education Foundation has provided grant money for programs, projects and equipment that have had a significant impact on students in all three school buildings.   

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teacher grants

Who is Eligible 

Grants may be awarded to teachers, teacher teams, administrators, other school staff and parent organizations.

Funding may be requested for partnerships with appropriate outside organizations, but the applicant must be within the school district.


Proposals will be evaluated both on the quality of the application and the extent to which the project supports current District and Foundation goals.


Grant request amounts are based on the scope of the proposal. Applicants should request a specific amount and provide a budget which explains how grant money would be spent and how any additional funds required would be raised. Projects must be started within the current school year.


Grants will generally not be awarded for the following:

  • Class trips

  • Snacks or food to be served during the project

  • Substitute teachers

  • Teacher stipends to enable participation in the project unless the program requires a significant time commitment outside of normal school hours.

  • If for any reason all grant monies are not used, the balance will be returned to the Foundation.

Additional Guidelines

  • Requests for technology related items should be justified within the overall scope of your proposal. Please consult the District Technology Office for guidance on proposed purchases.

  • Each grant recipient will be asked to complete a Grant Evaluation Form upon completion of the project.




The McCullough Family has graciously set up an endowment fund in memory of their daughter Anne, who passed away in 2010 at the young age of 40. Anne graduated with the Class of 1987. Anne was always a champion for those in need, and the fund will be available to provide grant monies for students in the district who may need financial assistance.

Requests for aid may be for items such as testing fees, college application fees, and leadership training opportunities, although any request for funds from a student in need will be considered. For students in lower grades, examples of things that will be considered are classroom supplies that parents are asked to purchase, fees for a student to participate in a community sport or the bowling program, musical instrument fees, Scholastic book purchases and scouting programs. This is a flexible grant and the guidelines will evolve as requests are received. Please keep in mind that checks will not be written to a student directly. The college, organization or department that the funds are being used for will be the payee. In the upper grades, the student is asked to complete the application. Those in lower grades may certainly have parents or teachers assist them.  Grant applications may be submitted at any time.

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What is the Spartan Fund?

A fund established by an anonymous donor to help students in grades K-6 succeed. 

What does the Spartan Fund cover?

School supplies, school field trips, books, school lunches, fees for after-school activities or other extracurricular activities provided by WASD or any outside service provider, including, but not limited to:

  • Science Explorers

  • Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts of America

  • Music or art enrichment classes

  • Sports clubs (Little League baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, etc.)

  • Tutoring

  • Summer Playground Programs at Wyomissing Borough and West Reading Borough

  • Summer STEAM administered by the Wyomissing Area School District

  • Summer pool membership or passes

  • Any need that a student has but does not have the financial resources to meet.                                                                                                    

How does a student apply?   A formal application is not required but makes the process more simple.  If a teacher or staff member sees a need that a student has, he/she simply needs to call or email the WAEF Executive Director and communicate this need and any suggestions on how to address it. The Executive Director will work with the donor to address the need.

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Funds are available through the generosity of Customers Bank for high school students who need assistance purchasing supplies for their Berks Career & Technology Center courses. 

Classroom Wishes Fund.png

WAEF raised over $5,000 during our online auction in May 2021 to launch the Classroom Wishes Fund.  Each teacher has a $200 max per year.  Each year since its inception, teachers have utilized the fund enthusiastically, and we continue to raise funds to keep it replenished! If you would like to contribute to this fund, please email Molly or contribute via the Donate button on our site.  


WASD Teachers and staff are encouraged to apply  to receive support for items you'd like to have in your classrooms!  All requested items must be available on Amazon.  The process is quick and requires approval from your building principal, which WAEF will seek once you've submitted your request.  

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