grants supporting the

Wyomissing Area School District

Since inception, the Foundation has provided grant money for programs, projects and equipment that have had significant impact on students in all three school buildings.

Who is Eligible 

Grants may be awarded to teachers, teacher teams, administrators, other school staff and parent organizations.

Funding may be requested for partnerships with appropriate outside organizations, but the applicant must be within the school district.


Proposals will be evaluated both on the quality of the application and the extent to which the project supports current District and Foundation goals.


Grant request amounts are based on the scope of the proposal. Applicants should request a specific amount and provide a budget which explains how grant money would be spent and how any additional funds required would be raised. Projects must be started within the current school year.


Grants will generally not be awarded for the following:

  • Class trips

  • Snacks or food to be served during the project

  • Substitute teachers

  • Teacher stipends to enable participation in the project unless the program requires a significant time commitment outside of normal school hours.

  • If for any reason all grant monies are not used, the balance will be returned to the Foundation.

Additional Guidelines

  • Requests for technology related items should be justified within the overall scope of your proposal. Please consult the District Technology Office for guidance on proposed purchases.

  • Each grant recipient will be asked to complete a Grant Evaluation Form upon completion of the project.