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WAEF Legacy Society


Estate planning can be more than transferring resources upon your passing.  By clearly defining your objectives, you can leave a legacy that takes care of your loved ones and ensures the financial stability of the charitable organizations you support.  It is simple to do, and you don’t have to be wealthy to do it. While we rely on cash contributions to fulfill our mission,  there are other creative and flexible giving options that can benefit you and WAEF.


Consider, for example, donating real estate, stocks, or other assets in return for a series of regular payments. Many planned giving options offer generous tax benefits as well. Whether it is naming WAEF as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or gifting other liquid or non-liquid assets, we encourage you to consult with your financial advisor to discuss the options.


No matter what you choose to give, you will be honored through:

• Recognition on our website, with your permission

• Acknowledgement in our Annual Report, published yearly in October


Ensure the sustainability of our organization in a way that makes your core values known to others, and generations of Wyomissing students will benefit from your gift. Your support of our mission will be long remembered and serve as an inspiration to others.

Bequest in a Will

While providing for your beneficiaries in your will, you can include a charitable gift for a specific amount, a percentage, or remainder of your estate.

Life Insurance Policy

You can turn a life insurance policy into charitable support.  By naming Wyomissing Area Education Foundation as the owner or beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy, you can make a significant gift.

Retirement Accounts

Naming Wyomissing Area Education Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan can provide greater tax benefits to your heirs while maximizing the impact to WAEF.

Savings & Investment Accounts

Naming Wyomissing Area Education Foundation a beneficiary of your savings and investment account is an easy way to leave a legacy.

Gift in a Trust

Wyomissing Area Education Foundation can be designated as a beneficiary of a revocable or irrevocable trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Cash, marketable securities or real estate may be placed into a charitable remainder trust. A Charitable Remainder Trust is a way to make a gift that allows you to retain income from your property for life or for another period of time that you specify.

Charitable Lead Trust

Provide a substantial gift over a period of years while ensuring that the property will ultimately return to the donor or to loved ones. The lead trust is one of the few ways to reduce or eliminate taxes that otherwise would be due on assets left to children or grandchildren. 

Real Estate

You may donate residential, commercial or undeveloped property.


Giving long term appreciated securities saves capital gains tax and may serve you better than giving cash.  The donor of stock donation receives a tax deduction for the stock’s fair market value.

Becoming a member of our Legacy Society ensures that the issues you care about and the values you cherish will be long remembered.  The needs of the Wyomissing Area School District are ongoing. A legacy gift ensures that WAEF will be capable years from now to continue to support those needs. Legacy gifts also serve as an inspiration to others to do the same.  If you wish your bequest to be used for a specific purpose, we would be happy to talk with you confidentially about your plans. Our goal is to be sure that your legacy is carried out exactly as you intend.

Please consult your professional legal or tax advisor when preparing estate plans. 

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