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2024 Scholarship Applications are now open!  

Please refer to the Scholarships Application page.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 Scholarship Recipients!

These scholarships were made possible by the generosity of businesses, families, individuals and groups who believe in the power of education and wanted to make a long-lasting contribution to the students of Wyomissing Area School District. 

The support of our community ensures our success!

The Class of 1946 Memorial Scholarship


Maya Abousaab

The Class of 1959 Memorial Scholarship


Trevor Zuest


The Class of 1963 First Generation College Student Scholarship


Daniela Chavez


The Amin Family Scholarships 

6 @ $2,000 each

Daniela Chavez, Ellen Diehl, Jacob Fonseca, Cadence Hoke,

Stella Koch, Youyi Ma


The Amin Family Nursing Scholarship

2 @ $1,000 each

Jada Smart, Youyi Ma

The Creighton Bieber Memorial Scholarship


Jayden Watts


The Customers Bank Trade and Technology Scholarships 

2 @ $2,000 each

Gabriel Cruz, Rife Myer

William "Doc" Dowling Memorial Scholarship


Seohyeon Bang


The Sean M. Flannery Memorial Scholarship


Owen Holst

The James R. Houck Memorial Scholarship


Benjamin Primack


The Koullias Family Scholarship


Andrew Delp


The Samuel R. Kozloff Memorial Scholarship


Alexia Polyak

Luyben Family Arts Scholarship


Katherine Kaufmann


The Gertrude K. McGonigle Scholarship


Michael Gentile


The Dr. Nirav Patel Memorial Scholarship


Kathryn Masano

John B. Stevens III & Beverly Sheetz-Stevens Memorial Scholarships

2 @ $1,700 each

Katherine Martino, Cassie Minich

The West Reading High School Alumni Scholarship


Jada Smart


The Women’s Club of Wyomissing Scholarship


Sarah Joiner

Wyomissing Scholarship


Danielle Faust

5.22.2023 Scholarship Ceremony
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