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In 2019, in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the WAEF, we announced the launch of WAEF’s Loyalty Society, which acknowledges the contributions of our supporters who have given a gift to the foundation for at least five consecutive years. These consecutive gifts – of any size and to any of our funds – provide immediate funds that allow WAEF to enhance opportunities in the Wyomissing Area School District and enrich the educational experience in this exceptional place to learn.


When you give any amount to any area of WAEF for five fiscal years in a row, you will be recognized for your generosity. In order to sustain membership, simply make a gift every fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) without interruption.


Regardless of the area you support each year, or how much you choose to give, the impact of your gifts is powerful. Collectively, annual gifts influence WAEF’s ability to meet new opportunities and emerging needs while also honoring the timeless tradition of giving back. Inaugural members of the Loyalty Society will be receiving their letters along with a small gift this week.


Loyalty is a treasured trait in any relationship, and it is one that WAEF values in its supporters. THANK YOU for the love you’ve shown WAEF over the years!

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