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Grants may be awarded to teachers, teacher teams, administrators, other school staff and parent organizations. Funding may be requested for partnerships with appropriate outside organizations, but the applicant must be within the school district.




Each year, WAEF awards scholarships to talented students and community members through a thoughtful and rigorous review process overseen by WAEF's Grants & Scholarships Committee.   

WAEF scholarships are made possible by the generosity of businesses, families, individuals and groups who believe in the power of education and wanted to make a long-lasting contribution to the students of Wyomissing Area School District.  The support of our community ensures our success!

ways we support the

wyomissing area school district

Since its inception, the Wyomissing Area Education Foundation has provided grant money for programs, projects and equipment that have had a significant impact on students, provided funds for students needing financial assistance, and awarded numerous scholarships affecting the lives of over 200 students and community members.

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